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Desktop Management

Desktop management is the ability to managing all the computers within an organization. Desktop Management is a part of Systems management, which is administration of all components of an organization’s information systems. Desktop Management tasks are installing and maintaining the hardware and software, Managing User Control and spam filtering. We are expert in fighting against virus and spyware, controlling programs install without admin approval, file sharing programs and RSS Readers

Key features of our Desktop Management Services:

  • Installing and maintaining Hardware and Software
  • Backup of data from laptop and desktop
  • Virus software updation
  • Software distribution from centralised system
  • Controlling user policy and accessibility
  • Remote control services from around the world.

Management Services

  • Asset Management
  • Remote Desktop Management, Control and Support
  • Software Distribution
  • Client Application Environment Support
  • Migration Services
  • Vendor Management

Professional / Project Services

  • Platform Services
  • Application Packaging and Core Build Services