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The History of Remote Work (with Infographic)

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There have never been so many opportunities for the remotely-employed workforce. How did we get here? This infographic illustrates the historic moments which catalyzed the remote work revolution. From the Medici’s first corporate office to the invention of cubicles and wifi to the explosion of coworking spaces, this is a comprehensive overview of the moments which paved the way.

We’re about to enter a new era of remote work. From the world’s first offices to the social shifts, laws, and inventions which created the telecommuting revolution, this infographic tells the whole story.

The world population of remote workers—discounting those who are self-employed—has grown byover 140% since 2005. There have never been so many opportunities for the remote workforce, allowing millions of employees to travel more, work where they like and, in many cases, choose their working hours.

To understand the sea of changes which catalyzed the telecommuting revolution, it’s necessary first to understand the history of telecommuting: how our modern perception of non-remote work evolved from the first offices to the first cubicles and the early murmurs of a remote workforce. The remote work infographic below offers a comprehensive overview of the significant inflection points and road marks which paved the way for the new era that is to come.

The evolution of remote work

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